Making a dental negligence claim

Can I make a dental negligence claim?

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When considering the question, ‘Can I make a dental negligence claim?‘ it is important to start with the fact that dentists, like all other health professionals, owe a legal ‘duty of care’ to the patients they treat.

In simple terms this means that if the treatment a dentist provides is not of an acceptable level — and the patient suffers injury as a result — then the patient will be entitled to bring a legal claim to recover compensation.

It is the role of the dental negligence solicitor to assess the treatment the dentist has provided and determine whether or not it was carried out to an acceptable standard. If the treatment is confirmed to be substandard then the dentist is said to have ‘breached’ their duty of care.

Ascertaining whether a breach of duty has occurred requires a level of medical knowledge and an understanding of modern dental practice. It is therefore important for your dental negligence solicitor to be a genuine specialist in the field, with a solid grasp of the technical aspects of dentistry.

Our dental negligence unit has an impressive track record of successfully recovering compensation for victims of dental negligence. Among the types of claim we can help with are:

Dental negligence lawyers will often call upon the services of an independent dentist to act as an ‘expert’. The legal system in England and Wales allows parties to produce a medical report prepared by an expert practitioner in support of their case. Expert reports will focus on the alleged breach and comment on whether the treatment provided by the dentist falls below the standard that can reasonably be expected.

If a breach of the duty of care can be established then the dentist is said to have been ‘negligent’ and the patient will be entitled to receive compensation both for the injuries they have sustained and any financial expenses they have incurred, including the cost of remedial dental treatment.

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Making a dental negligence claim