Suing a dental hospital

Can I sue a dental hospital?

Our dental negligence lawyers answer the commonly asked question, ‘Can I sue a dental hospital?’

There are various reasons why you may need to attend a dental hospital for your treatment. It may be that you have a dental emergency; you might have had an accident which has damaged your teeth or jaw; or you may require dental surgery under general anaesthetic.  Whatever the reason for attending the dental hospital, you are entitled to sue that hospital for compensation if the dental treatment you receive is negligent and causes you harm.

Claims against dental hospitals are made against the specific NHS Healthcare Trust that the hospital falls under. Therefore, it is in fact far easier to bring a claim against a dental hospital than a dentist in general practice, as it is clear from the outset who the correct Defendant will be, and there will be no issues locating the Defendant or obtaining their insurance details.

Overall claims against dental hospitals tend to be less common than claims against dentists in general practice. This is because the treatment providers at the hospitals are often specialists and the extremely experienced in their field. But they can of course still make mistakes.

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Suing a dental hospital