Dental bridge claims

Making a dental bridge claim

We take a look at the legal issues that can arise in a dental bridge claim

Negligent bridgework

One of the ways a missing tooth can be replaced is with a bridge. A bridge literally ‘bridges the gap’ where the missing tooth once was.

The teeth either side of the gap, are known as abutment teeth and they support the bridge. The abutment teeth are usually crowned, and a false tooth known as a pontic tooth is placed in between. Pontics can be made from a variety of materials.

Why are bridges used?

Bridges are often used for functional purposes as they replace missing teeth. They ensure your bite is not changed by the missing tooth, and stops teeth drifting into the gap. For some, a bridge ensures that a patient is still able to eat and speak properly.

Types of bridge

There are four different types of bridge that can be used:

  • Traditional bridge

The most common bridge is where the abutment teeth are crowned and the pontic is in the middle.

  • Maryland bridge

This type of bridge is sometimes referred to as a sticky bridge or resin bonded bridge. The bridge is stuck onto the abutment teeth with a strong cement, rather than having to prepare these teeth with crowns. Therefore if you have healthy, non restored abutment teeth, this is usually the best option.

  • Cantilever Bridge

This type of bridge is used where there are only abutment teeth available on one side. However, it can often fail due to too much force being placed onto the abutment.

  • Implant retained bridge

These are where implants rather than natural teeth are used as abutments.

How long should a bridge last?

A bridge should last around 10-15 years. If a bridge fails before the 10 year mark, then this is usually indicative that something has gone wrong.

What can go wrong?

The most common dental bridge claims relate to:

  • Overpreparation of the abutment teeth
  • Using the wrong type of bridge
  • Having a bridge which is too big, or with too large a load
  • A poorly fitting bridge
  • Unnatural looking bridge
  • Bridge that falls out
  • Where the bite is off

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Dental bridge claims