Dental nerve damage

Claiming  dental nerve damage compensation

Our dental negligence lawyers look at the legal issues that can arise in a dental nerve damage compensation claim

Injuries resulting from dental nerve damage

Dental nerve damage compensation can be claimed where a patient suffers injury as a result of negligent dental treatment.

Nerve damage can result in a loss of sensation and numbness in your face, jaw, tongue, or cheeks. Patients can also experience a burning feeling.

In some cases you may lose your sense of taste, or find that the nerve damages impacts on your ability to speak or eat.

Symptoms are sometimes short-lived, but where long term problems arise, you should speak to one of our specialist dental lawyers.

What dental treatment can cause nerve damage?

Nerve damage can be caused by a range of dental procedures. Tooth extraction is one of the most common causes. Extraction can damage the trigeminal nerve which governs sensation in the face. The risk is particularly high when a wisdom tooth is being extracted.

Dental injections can also result in nerve damage, as can the fitting of dental implants and root canal treatment.

Damage can be caused to the nerves when a tooth becomes infected.

Risk warnings

Patients should be told where there is a risk of nerve injury from dental treatment. If a dentist fails to give such a warning and injury occurs then the dentist may be legally liable.

How much compensation can be claimed?

The compensation you receive will reflect the severity of the injury you suffer and whether you are likely to make a full recovery. The award will also take into account the impact of your injuries are having on your life. In addition, you will be entitled to recover any loss of earnings or out of pocket expenses.

How we can help

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Dental nerve damage