Negligent dental crowns

Making a dental crown claim

Our dental negligence lawyers look at the legal issues that can arise in a negligent dental crown compensation claim

What are crowns?

Crowns are most commonly used to restore decayed or damaged teeth. Dental crowns are caps placed over a damaged tooth to cover and protect it. They are intended as a permanent solution, though they are likely to need renewing after 10 years or so, and should appear and function like a natural tooth.

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain.

Dentist recommend crowns when a tooth has a large filling or has been subject to root canal treatment.

Cosmetic crowns

Crowns are also  increasingly being used for cosmetic purposes. However, a crown is a far more invasive procedure than a veneer as it involves the filing down of the tooth and then covering it. This should not be done to a healthy tooth and it is usually regarded as negligent to do so.

Crowns are cheaper than veneers and also faster and easier to place. Despite this, most dentists in the UK will not crown healthy teeth for cosmetic purposes, and this has led to more people than ever travelling abroad for this treatment. Unfortunately, if your dental treatment took place outside England or Wales, then a solicitor in England or Wales will not be able to assist with a dental crown claim.

Making a dental crown claim

Claims for negligent dental treatment involving crowns include:

  • The tooth being over-prepared
  • An ill-fitting crown causing food trapping or gum disease
  • A crown that becomes loose
  • Crowns that are placed before infection is treated
  • Crowns being placed on a healthy tooth
  • Crowns that are a poor colour/shape match to the rest of the teeth

How we can help

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Negligent dental crowns