Orthodontic negligence claims

Making an orthodontic negligence claim

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One common issue associated with orthodontic treatment is a condition known as root resorption. This is the condition which featured in the first of the cases referred to above.

Root resorption can result in the breakdown of the structure of a tooth, ultimately requiring its extraction. It is therefore important for dentists to monitor the length of the roots of the teeth when orthodontic treatment is ongoing to prevent this problem arising.

Another condition that needs to be monitored during orthodontic treatment is gum disease, such as plaque related gingivitis. Good oral hygiene advice is essential and plaque build ups should be promptly removed.to prevent the onset of periodontal disease. It is particularly important to ensure that the patient’s gums are in good condition before an orthodontic brace is fitted, as it can aggravate periodontal disease, leading to permanent damage.

Orthodontic negligence can also result in teeth being misaligned, causing the patient to suffer problems with biting, chewing and even talking

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Orthodontic negligence claims