Claims for undiagnosed tooth decay

Making a compensation claim for undiagnosed tooth decay

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The problem of tooth decay

Tooth extraction is now the most common reason for a child to undergo general anaesthetic in the UK. Dr Camilla Kingdon, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has confirmed this horrifying statistic. She advises that children’s dental health is only getting worse as a result of the cost of living crisis, with toothbrushes now becoming a luxury item for many families.

The leading cause of hospital admissions for children aged between 5-9 is tooth decay, with 25% of all 5 year olds having suffered from tooth decay. This is all the more upsetting when we know that tooth decay is often preventable and can easily be treated by dental professionals. However, research shows that the majority of tooth decay in children of this age group is being left untreated. This has led to a push for the wider introduction of water fluoridation. 

What is tooth decay?

Decay is damage to the tooth caused by bacteria found in the mouth. After eating, the bacteria forms plaque and the plaque produces acid which damages the structure of the tooth. It is often caused by us consuming too much sugar in our diet. 

Symptoms of tooth decay

You may not realise you are suffering tooth decay so it is therefore important to attend your dentist for regular check-ups. Symptoms of tooth decay include:

  • Pain
  • Bad breath
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity

Can you prevent tooth decay?

Regular tooth brushing, limiting sugary food and drinks and visiting your dentist regularly are all ways that can help limit tooth decay. If decay is spotted early, it can often be treated easily with a simple filling. If decay goes untreated for longer, the tooth may require root canal treatment or even extraction.

Compensation claims for undiagnosed tooth decay

Dentists should carry out regular examinations, and take X-Rays where needed, to diagnose tooth decay. Dentists should also provide advice on preventative measures, such as tooth brushing technique, and dietary advice. 

When a dentist fails to provide an appropriate level of care and the patient suffers tooth decay as a result, then the patient may be entitled to make a compensation claim for undiagnosed tooth decay.

Claims for undiagnosed tooth decay are very common in both children and adults, and we have dealt with many claims of this nature.

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Claims for undiagnosed tooth decay